Custom Faux Rock

From Beautiful Planters to Huge, Elegant Water Features, Athos Rockworks has Been Transforming Outdoor Spaces for 10 Years with Artisan-Crafted Faux Rock Creations.

We Create and Hand-Carve Faux Rock to Suit Any Application

Outdoor Kitchen Design

Elevate outdoor living with bespoke kitchen designs, integrating beautiful, custom-created artificial rock into grills, islands and other features. Combine functionality with style for more memorable outdoor moments.

Planters & Love Rocks

Elegant planters and unique love rocks introduce personality and charm to outdoor and indoor spaces. Available in various sizes and styles, these elements are crafted to enhance the aesthetic of your home.


Faux rock helps create impressive, tailored landscaping to transform outdoor spaces into breathtakingly beautiful areas. Faux rock can also be used to cover less visually appealing areas of landscaping like electrical boxes and pipes.

Bubbling Fountains

Bubbling fountains offer a peaceful ambiance and stunning visual appeal to any outdoor setting. These fountains are made for durability and ease of maintenance, and can be an accent to existing features, or an outdoor space centerpiece.
Captivating fire features, from fire pits to outdoor fireplaces, serve as warm and inviting centerpieces. These elements enhance outdoor ambiance, encouraging gathering and relaxation, and are designed to suit any aesthetic.

Waterfalls & Ponds

Transform living spaces with custom-designed, natural-looking waterfalls and ponds that blend seamlessly with the landscape. Utilizing innovative techniques and high-quality materials, each project harmonizes aesthetic appeal with a natural ecosystem, creating a unique, low-maintenance oasis that enhances beauty and value.

Over 10 Years Experience
Creating Custom Faux Rock

We are one of the only companies in Colorado who create custom faux rock, and our creations have been used in beautiful waterfalls, fountains, bubbling water features, planters, ponds and other landscape/construction projects across the state.

When it comes to creating custom faux rocks, getting the look and feel of natural rock can be a challenge. That’s why it is essential to find a custom faux rock creator that understands the importance of design, texture, color, and shape when crafting something to blend with the environment in your yard or surrounding your home.

Why Faux Rock?

We hand-carve our faux rocks for each job so we can match colors and create the perfect shape to suit your vision without the limitations of pre-fabricated boulders.

Faux rock is popular for landscaping applications because it’s light and can be customized to suit almost any need. It can be used indoors, outdoors, and can be carved to fit in any space to hide pipes and other less attractive elements of a water feature.

Shop or Request a Custom Feature

Buy one of our faux custom planters, love rocks or gorgeous full-size features like the Feather Rock fountain. Or, send us a message and we’ll create something unique just for you!

Colorado Garden & Home Show

We were honored to be featured as the entry garden for the 2023 and 2024 Colorado Garden & Home Shows! Take a look at some of our work from this and past shows.